Early settlers of Crestwood were Scotch Irish, French, and Germans. One of the first known landowners in the Crestwood area was the Sappington family. John Sappington was a Revolutionary War soldier who was a bodyguard to George Washington at Valley Forge.Elementary Schools: Crestwood Elementary School, Kennerly Elementary School, Long Elementary School, Sappington Elementary

Middle Schools: Sperreng Middle School, Truman Middle School

High Schools: Lindbergh High School

Crestwood provides its residents with several public parks, including Crestwood Park, which has baseball fields, soccer fields, a playground, and tennis courts. There is also Whitecliff Park, which is where the Crestwood Community Center and the Crestwood Aquatic Center are located along with a public water park. Next to Whitecliff Park in a tiny city called Grantwood Village is Grant’s Farm, the animal farm which is owned by Anheuser-Busch. Grant’s Farm is free and open during the summer. It is now home to free-roaming buffalo, zebras, and deer along with many other animals, and is located on property that was once owned by president Ulysses S. Grant. These features are great examples of why the area is in such high demand. It is the ideal city to live in for an active family.

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