At Ellie Cade Custom Homes our goals are simple; we strive to bring you the best comfort, health, safety, durability and energy efficiency possible at what you can afford. We go above and beyond traditional building practices performing comprehensive audits and whole-home assessments to identify cost effective opportunities based on building science.

Over marketing and over saturation has blurred the understanding of what home owners are looking for in a new home. You may be asking yourself; is it an eco-friendly home, a green home, a sustainable home, an energy-efficient home? Frankly it’s everything and it’s not simple, it’s science! That is why Ellie Cade Custom Homes is a Building Performance Institute Certified Professional and capable of bringing all of it into our homes in the best way possible.

Super tight, energy-efficient homes operate as a system and every step you take can affect or be affected by something else you do. In order to maximize the result a home builder must be an expert in all of it, not just a piece of it. It is our job at Ellie Cade Custom Homes to stay ahead of the curve so we can offer the best to the homes we build. We are always looking for new products, better practices as well as payback.

Come talk to us to find out more about home performance so we can understand what you want in your new home. Let us help you get more of it for less.